Feature highlight of the week: Create Tiered Memberships Under 10 minutes (Part 2)

Explore the latest at Kalder! Discover our upgraded self-serve tools for effortless membership creation. Dive in and start crafting your brand's exclusive portal in just a few easy steps.

Feature highlight of the week: Create Tiered Memberships Under 10 minutes (Part 2)

Hello wanderer,

Welcome back to the second part of our feature highlight for this week, following the first part where we showed you how to create tiered memberships in under 10 minutes.

This week, we're diving into setting up your Apple Wallet Pass as a brand and seamlessly integrating it within your member’s portal.

Kalder leverages Apple Wallet for each membership, offering complete customization options for every brand. This ensures that future transactions are a breeze, thanks to a unique QR code assigned to each member.

So what can you expect from Mobile Wallet powered memberships?

Mobile Notifications

Keep users engaged and informed about every new experience they unlock. Send timely and relevant notifications directly to their mobile devices, ensuring they stay connected and in-the-know.

Spend Rewards IRL

Use your accumulated rewards for in-person purchases and enjoy real-world benefits with the help of your unique QR Code provided in your mobile wallet pass

Earn Rewards IRL

Accumulate rewards in real-life situations with experiences, and redeem them for exclusive perks and discounts.

Check in to Members Only Events and Get Access

Attend special events exclusively for members with your mobile wallet pass, and unlock a world of exclusive experiences.

Check-in at the Store for VIP Clienteling and Personal Shopping

Enhance your shopping experience by checking in at the store, and gaining access to personalized services and VIP treatment + special rewards!

Claim Your Badges from Every Event and Experience

Showcase your achievements by claiming badges from each event or experience, and build a collection that reflects your journey and interests.

Now, let's walk through the steps of customizing your Apple Wallet pass

Step 1

Log in to your admin account and navigate to the overview tab. Here, you'll find the essential steps needed before launching your membership, powered by Kalder.

Step 2

Click on 'Design Your Members Only Mobile Wallet Pass' to be directed to the editor. As always, you'll find a user-friendly, step-by-step guide on the left-hand side to help you meet all the requirements for customizing your mobile wallet pass.

Step 3

Once you're satisfied with your design, preview it by downloading. If everything looks good, you're now ready to publish!

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