Feature highlight of the week: Create Tiered Memberships Under 10 minutes (Part 1)

Explore the latest at Kalder! Discover our upgraded self-serve tools for effortless membership creation. Dive in and start crafting your brand's exclusive portal in just a few easy steps.

Feature highlight of the week: Create Tiered Memberships Under 10 minutes (Part 1)

Hello there,

Welcome to Kalder’s weekly feature highlight series. We're excited to share a recent upgrade in Kalder’s tools, now designed to be fully self-served – enabling brands of all sizes to seamlessly join. This week, we're spotlighting a groundbreaking feature that allows brands to effortlessly create and launch their memberships within minutes using the Kalder app.

Wondering how you can easily create your own membership?

Let's Dive in!

Step 1: Sign Up as a Brand Admin & Access the Membership Portal Creator

The first step in creating your membership is signing up as a brand admin on our website at kalder.app using your email address.

Upon successful login, click on "Create Your Membership Portal," and it will redirect you to your portal editor.

Step 2: Design Your Membership Portal with Real-Time Customization

On the right-hand side of your screen, you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to design your membership portal. Simply follow the provided instructions; it's as easy as that!

The left side of the screen will display real-time changes as you progress through the steps. Customize your portal to best represent your brand and its objectives!

Step 3: Publish Your Membership Portal, Preview, and Edit

Once you're satisfied with your portal, check the details, and when you're ready, hit "Publish Membership."

After publishing, view your membership portal to see what your future members will experience. Feel free to make any edits or updates using the editor! (Click here to go to part 2)

Creating and managing your membership portal is now a seamless process, allowing you to focus more on what matters - building and engaging with your community. Stay tuned on Playbook by Kalder for new feature highlights and updates.

Join Kalder today and unlock the potential to cultivate a thriving membership program effortlessly!

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