Feature highlight of the week: Members Only Drop Feature

The feature acts as a smooth pathway for members to access these amazing privileges.

Feature highlight of the week: Members Only Drop Feature

Hello there,

Welcome to Kalder’s weekly feature highlight – Today, we're thrilled to spotlight an exceptional feature of our loyalty app that's transforming the way our users (and non-users) engage with our platform and their loyalty membership. This feature, designed with our users' needs and convenience in mind, is set to redefine your experience and take your loyalty rewards to the next level.

This Members-Only Drop feature is just one part of the many improvements Kalder's innovative tools bring to the loyalty program experience. It smoothly fits into the whole system, adding to the excitement of loyal members. For non-members, it drives curiosity for your loyalty program, generating more awareness on what type of rewards, perks, and benefits they can expect when they join your loyalty membership.

The feature provides a smooth pathway for members to access these amazing privileges. Stay tuned as we delve into the details of this innovative feature, explore its benefits, and guide you on how to make the most of it. We're confident that this feature will not only enhance your user experience but also solidify your relationship with your members.

Let's dive right in!

This unique initiative allows you to create and launch a product or collection that is exclusively available to your loyal members.

By offering exclusive access to these unique products or collections, you not only enhance the value of your membership but also strengthen your relationship with your members. It's a win-win situation - your members feel appreciated and special, and you get to boost member engagement and loyalty.

Learn how to activate in 2 simple steps:

Step 1

As you proceed to checkout, easily locate the Members Pass on the right-hand side of your screen. This button invites your valued members to sign in and take advantage of the exclusive brand discounts you've curated especially for them.

Step 2

By clicking the 'Sign and Unlock Reward' button, you're initiating a simple process to unlock a special reward. This could be a discount, a special offer, or access to exclusive products or services. Once you click the button, a unique code will be generated.

This code is your key to unlocking your reward. Simply copy this code and keep it handy. As you proceed to checkout with your chosen items, you'll be prompted to enter this code. By pasting the code into the designated field, you'll apply your reward to your purchase.

With this feature, brands can customize the reward they want to offer to their loyalty members; here are a few ways:

  • Discount voucher - 15% Off, $100 Off, etc
  • Offer free shipping when the code is used
  • Special gifts/rewards they can claim in a limited amount of time
  • Offer to donate a percent of all sales from customers that use the code for your product
  • Offer Cashback or Earn store credits when members use your unique code

At Kalder, we believe in the power of seamless integration and the benefits it brings to our valued clients. This integration refers to the smooth and efficient combination of our services, technology, and partnerships, all working together to provide you with an exceptional experience.

Witness the power of seamless integration and enjoy exclusive rewards today!

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