Get Started as a Brand (Kalder)

Get Started as a Brand (Kalder)

Why Customer Loyalty Matters

Customers now seek meaningful connections with brands, beyond just transactions. They want to be part of a brand's community and engage with the brand’s lifestyle, becoming a part of the brand’s values, not just their products.

Kalder offers a simple, interactive tool to help you connect with your customers, turn them into brand advocates through unified engagement, and grow your business sustainably.

Get Started with Kalder in Four Simple Steps

1. Setup Your Membership with Kalder

  • Define the types of engagement you want for your brand. What are you planning to exclusively provide to your customers through your membership?
  • Contact Kalder for help with starting your membership and creating your portal. Kalder's tools let you customize your membership experience easily. Member portals can be made in as little as 5 minutes and are fully customizable to suit your loyalty needs.

2. Customize Your Brand Experiences

Set your reward

Use Kalder to create personalized rewards and engaging experiences that reflect your brand's unique identity.

Add experiences

  • Choose from 100+ experiences types to engage and reward customers today!
  • Offering these experiences on your own domain strengthens customer connections and loyalty through our white labeled service.

Create your Apple Wallet pass

To allow your customers to access the membership and experiences conveniently, as well as receive notifications of new experiences through their phone.

Choose a domain name (custom domains are more SEO friendly)

This will allow your membership to sit under your own domain and website rather than Kalder’s.

Welcome Members Home

  • Create a list of invitees you would like to bring to your membership
  • Invite them through our portal

3. Invite Your Community

  • Once your portal is ready, share it with your community!
  • Use your communication channels to highlight the special rewards and experiences members will get, showing them the value of joining.

4. Manage Your Loyalty Program with Kalder CRM

Introduce different membership tiers to motivate customers to engage more with your brand.

  • Segment customers by engagement and loyalty to your brand
  • VIP tiers, General Tiers, etc.

Kalder CRM makes it easy to manage your loyalty program, track member activities, and tailor rewards, all from one place.


With Kalder, activating your brand community and building lasting customer loyalty is straightforward. Follow these steps to create a vibrant community that supports your brand's growth and success.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here to support you along the way.

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