How Convié pioneered the new wave of Beauty Brands with Community Loyalty, powered by Kalder

Community-centric loyalty membership program offering referrals, exclusive discount, co-creation rewards, member insights, and charitable support…

How Convié pioneered the new wave of Beauty Brands with Community Loyalty, powered by Kalder

41% Engagement Rate

7590 Points Redeemed

21+ Benefits Launched

Thrilled to present Convié Beauty, a French-made natural beauty house by industry veterans and product enthusiasts on a mission to bring a sense of community and collaboration back to beauty…

💄 The Problem

Intense market competition, ever-changing beauty trends, and the erosion of traditional brand loyalty contribute to customer churn.

In today's cutthroat beauty market, keeping customers loyal is tough.

Brands have to meet sky-high expectations, stay in step with the fast-changing whims of consumers driven by influencers and trends, all with poor engagement and loyalty programs that just don't cut it.

Current loyalty programs only offer cookie-cutter rewards.

Current loyalty schemes often fall flat, suffering from a lack of fresh ideas and struggling to meet what customers now want. They offer cookie-cutter rewards that fail to spark real connection or engagement. With common issues like lack of personalization, transactional nature, limited engagement, and ineffective brand-consumer interactions

To really make a mark, beauty brands must adapt swiftly to the digital age's demands. By addressing these challenges, beauty brands can foster stronger customer relationships and build lasting loyalty in an extremely competitive industry.

💄 The Solution

Implementing personalized and interactive loyalty programs is crucial to capture and retain customers.

Navigating beauty industry challenges demands innovative solutions.

Kalder's interactive, gamified loyalty tools go beyond the norm. Our cross-brand loyalty tools boost Convié's community and fuel repeated growth for brands across multiple industries.

We’ve automated 100+ experiences to turn transactional loyalty -> hyper-personalized, bidirectional brand-consumer interactions.

For Convié, Kalder facilitated the creation of a community-focused loyalty membership on

By leveraging Kalder's tools, Convié has successfully built a Member Portal Home in under 10 minutes, seamlessly integrating features that enhance member engagement and satisfaction.

La Maison Convié’s platform offers dynamic experiences like…

Co-Creation Experiences

Exclusive Rewards

Empowering Members to Support Charitable Initiatives

💄 The Result

Kalder's varied features, like co-creation experiences, exclusive discounts, and community initiatives, form a strong loyalty program, enhancing customer retention and fortifying brand-consumer relationships.

This strategic partnership between Convié and Kalder is set to revolutionize customer retention in the beauty industry, addressing common challenges through Kalder's interactive and gamified loyalty tools.

Convié's loyalty membership, hosted on, leverages Kalder's innovative platform, setting a new standard for community-focused engagement in the beauty sector.

The collaboration is not just about technology integration but a holistic approach to customer loyalty. Convié aims to redefine the beauty brand landscape by tapping into Kalder's expertise, transforming each interaction into a meaningful engagement, and therefore loyalty and retention.

Together, they pave the way for a vibrant community that actively participates in the brand's journey, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of beauty brands.

About Kalder

Engagement is the new currency – Enhancing purpose, community, and loyalty with every interaction.

With a 60% increase in CAC and a 40% drop in lifetime values, fostering customer loyalty is crucial. Customers today seek engagement over mere transactions, looking beyond transactional, point-based systems.

Why Kalder Stands Out

🚀 Dynamic Engagement Mechanics

Deploy 100+ automated, templatized quests, driving daily engagement and elevating brand interaction beyond the transactional.

With features like leaderboards, voting, co-creator initiatives, and badges, we make loyalty a two-way street.

🚀 Revolutionary Reward Structures

Cross-brand/Creator Redemption boosts reward appeal, ensuring versatility in collaboration and redemption.

🚀 Omnichannel Engagement Tools

Engage consumers across platforms, be it social media, games, or any digital avenue. Plus, explore unique IRL engagement with ticketing solutions.

About Convié

Convié — a cutting-edge beauty brand, stands out for its commitment to community engagement and sustainable practices. The brand focuses on creating a unique and inclusive space for beauty enthusiasts to connect, share insights, and co-create innovative beauty solutions.

Convié's dedication to community-driven initiatives extends beyond traditional beauty offerings, making it a pioneer in the next generation of beauty brands.

With a strong emphasis on co-creation experiences and sustainability, Convié envisions a beauty community that actively participates in shaping the brand's direction. The brand's ethos revolves around empowering its members, offering exclusive discounts and rewards, and supporting charitable initiatives.

Step into La Maison Convié, and dive into a world where your input shapes our journey. Become a cohort member today!

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