The Big Favorite Launches Interactive, Sustainability Focused Loyalty Program, Powered by Kalder

Interactive, Gamified Loyalty Program designed to transform customers into an active community through co-creation, Recycle-to-Earn, and Co-Branded Rewards, all within our Sustainability Collective...

The Big Favorite Launches Interactive, Sustainability Focused Loyalty Program, Powered by Kalder

Engagement is the new currency – Enhancing purpose, community, and loyalty with every interaction.

Kalder’s Interactive, Gamified Loyalty Tools empower brands to create hyper-personalized, cross-brand, and bi-directional experiences – engaging customers well beyond transactions to drive repeated growth.

We're thrilled to spotlight The Big Favorite for pioneering a sustainability-focused loyalty program powered by Kalder, setting an exemplary standard in the industry…

The Big Favorite’s Sustainability Collective

Welcome to The Big Favorite's latest evolution in redefining your fashion experience - TBF’s Inner Circle

TBF has always been dedicated to offering you more than just clothing; it's about embracing a lifestyle that resonates with you and your values.

"We couldn't have asked for a better partner in Kalder during our quest to enhance customer loyalty and rewards. They're an awesome team who has shown up consistently for our needs since day one. What sets them apart is not just their expertise, but their genuine willingness to iterate and adapt. Working with them has been a seamless collaboration, and we're excited to continue raising the bar in customer rewards alongside them." - Eleanor Turner, CEO & Founder

Eleanor Turner, founder of The Big Favorite, spearheads "TBF Inner Circle,"  the first-ever sustainability-centric loyalty, transcending transactions.

This innovative initiative rewards recycling, promotes sustainable shopping, collaborates with other sustainable brands on rewards, and educates customers on textile sustainability.

As a member of The Big Favorite’s Sustainability Collective, you're not just a customer; you're part of an exclusive circle that enjoys a plethora of exciting benefits and experiences.

From Members-Only early access to the newest collections and limited-edition releases to gaining special rewards when you engage and participate in experiences alike, The Big Favorite is committed to making your journey with them unforgettable. But it doesn't stop there - expect special discounts, VIP event invitations, and even the opportunity to shape the future of The Big Favorite through your valuable feedback and active participation.

TBF x Kalder Experience

Built Member Portal Home in under 10 minutes

The membership, experiences, and benefits are all published under

In an impressive feat, we have successfully created a Member Portal Home in less than 10 minutes. This newly built portal seamlessly integrates membership features, curated experiences, and exclusive benefits. We are thrilled to announce its launch under the domain, providing our members with convenient access to a comprehensive platform that caters to their needs.

Members-only drops and Discounts Features

Keep an eye out for exclusive drops and discount features tailored for The Big Favorite's Inner Circle, seamlessly integrated into our Shopify platform. This ensures a smooth experience for both members and non-members alike. Through the incorporation of the member's pass, our loyalty program effectively highlights the range of offers available to our valued members, promoting greater awareness and engagement with our exclusive benefits.

Apple Wallet Memberships Complement Omnichannel Loyalty & Events

With the ability to spend $TBF currency, users gain access to a plethora of exciting offerings including products, exclusive events, voting privileges, and much more. Moreover, this technology elevates store and e-commerce engagement, surpassing the one-minute mark per day. The Mobile Wallet with Apple Wallet Card is poised to redefine the way we interact with the digital world.

Recycle to Earn

Actively contribute and immerse yourself in a range of engaging experiences. Share your most effective eco-friendly practices to inspire others, embrace the weekly social sharing challenge, and strive for a coveted spot on our monthly leaderboard. Your active participation not only helps drive positive change but also puts you in the running for a special, well-deserved reward. Together, we're making a significant difference in sustainability!

TBF Rewards are not Siloed

While indulging in your shopping experience at TBF, you'll have the delightful opportunity to redeem rewards at our esteemed 'Sustainability Collective' brand partners, all made seamlessly possible through the integration of Kalder. This collaboration not only enhances your shopping experience but also strengthens our shared commitment to sustainability.

What can I expect when I become a member?

Exclusive Sustainability Rewards

Members can earn points or rewards for participating in sustainability activities, such as recycling, or supporting eco-friendly products.

1:1 Chat with Founder, Eleanor Turner

Book time with The Big Favorite’s founder, Eleanor and chat — gain valuable insights, and ask questions, the sky is the limit!

Social Impact

Members can take part in meaningful sustainability efforts and contribute to positive social and environmental change, aligning their values with The Big Favorite.

Special Discounts

Inner Circle Members could receive special discounts on eco-friendly products or services as an incentive to choose sustainable options.

Community Engagement

Sustainability initiatives foster a sense of community and shared purpose among Inner Circle members who are passionate about environmental and social issues.

Events and Experiences

Members-only access to sustainability-related events, workshops, or experiences, providing opportunities to learn and engage with like-minded individuals.

About Kalder

With a 60% increase in CAC and a 40% drop in lifetime values, fostering customer loyalty is crucial. Customers today seek engagement over mere transactions, looking beyond transactional, point-based systems.

Enter Kalder - Future of Interactive, Cross-Brand Loyalty Tools

Kalder Interactive, Gamified loyalty tools to drive fandom and repeated growth for brands.

🚀 Why Kalder Stands Out 🚀

Dynamic Engagement Mechanics

  • Deploy 100+ automated, templatized quests, driving daily engagement and elevating brand interaction beyond the transactional.
  • With features like leaderboards, voting, co-creator initiatives, and badges, we make loyalty a two-way street.

Revolutionary Reward Structures

  • Cross-Brand/Creator Redemption boosts reward appeal, with blockchain-enabled rewards ensuring versatility in collaboration and redemption.

Omnichannel Engagement Tools

  • Engage consumers across platforms, be it social media, games, or any digital avenue. Plus, explore unique IRL engagement with ticketing solutions.

About The Big Favorite

The Big Favorite is not just a brand, it's a movement. With a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry, The Big Favorite creates stylish, sustainable clothing that never compromises on quality or ethics. Committed to transparency and fueled by a passion for innovation, The Big Favorite is setting a new standard for conscious fashion.

And now, members of the Inner Circle are empowered to take the opportunity to make an impact.

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