What happened this week with Next-Gen Loyalty? 🚀

What happened this week with Next-Gen Loyalty? 🚀

Last week in the world of Next-Gen Loyalty, several exciting developments have unfolded, showcasing how brands are innovating in their customer loyalty strategies.

  1. Kith's Loyalty Program Launch:

Kith, a prominent player in the sneaker and apparel industry, has unveiled "Kith Loyalty." This comprehensive program rewards regular customers through a point-based system across three tiers: Molecule, Elevation, and Vitality. Each tier offers distinct benefits like early access to special products, exclusive drops and events, and unique experiences, exclusively through the Kith App. Active members get special access to unique Kith items. Members accumulate points through purchases, store check-ins, and app engagement. The inclusion of past purchases, dating back 12 years, underscores Kith's commitment to long-term customer loyalty.

  1. Hilton's Metaverse Venture with Paris Hilton's Slivingland:

Stepping into the virtual realm, Hilton introduces "Paris Hilton's Slivingland" in Roblox, merging the digital and physical worlds. This platform enables users to earn both digital items and real-world Hilton Honors rewards, reflecting Hilton's strategy to blend metaverse experiences with tangible benefits, a collaboration with Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media.

  1. Bilt Rewards' Valuation Milestone:

Bilt Rewards is a loyalty program that lets people earn points by paying rent either through their app or with their credit card. Once someone begins earning Bilt Rewards, they can transfer them to travel partners, purchase merchandise, use towards rent, a down payment on a home or even redeem them for fitness classes. Achieving a $3.1 billion valuation after a substantial funding round, Bilt Rewards, led by CEO Ankur Jain, welcomes Kenneth I. Chenault as the new chair. The anticipation around an interview with Dave Canty, in charge of loyalty and partnerships, suggests further insights into Bilt's loyalty program strategies.

These instances signify a broader trend where businesses are creatively engaging and rewarding their customers. Incorporating technology, exclusivity, and personalized experiences, they strive to deepen brand loyalty.

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